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Business Meetings


The ASG council meets every Thursday to conduct a weekly business meeting. At these meetings we update the members of ASG with events that are in the planning process, vote to approve ASB expenditures, and vote to approve ASB events and fundraisers. 

ASB Public forms

Public Forums are a time for students to have a conversation with ASG members about how past events could be improved, give suggestions for upcoming events, point out issues they see around campus, and more. We hope to hold Forums once a month during advisory tutorials

What is ASG and ASB?

ASG stands for Associated Student Government and is the student council that is elected and appointed to serve students on campus. Irvington High School currently has over 50 students serving in the student government.

The student run organization formerly known on campus as "ASB" has changed its name to align with the true definition of ASB- ASB stands for "the Associated Student Body," and by definition, every single Irvington student is apart of this associated student body. The Associated Student Government is the council made up of elected and appointed student representatives to serve the needs of the associated student body and the Irvington community. 

ASG Goals

Create Memories and Build Relationships 

Use media to inform the school community of events

Leave the school better then we found it


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Executive Council 

President - Rohith Dara -

Vice President - Jasmine Tong-Seely -

Secretary - Stacy Shen -

Treasurer - Jessica Liu -

Engagement Executive - Ajla Alicic -

Public Relations Executive - Jocelyn Kuo -

Outreach Executive - Yeemon Kyaw -

Class Officers

Senior Class Officers - Julia Matus-De La Torre & Sarvesh Nagwekar -

Junior Class Officers - Faye Wang & Jackie Ngo -

Sophomore Class Officers - Kaitlyn Phan & Nava Babaei -

Freshman Class Officers - Ethan Chen & Krithik Varghese -


Appreciation - Maysnow Liu, Sruti Nagam, & Varun Vijay -

Freshman Intern - Edison Ma & Ronil Mehta -

Audio Tech - Ryan Lam -

Edjoycation - Beth Bridges, Colleen Li,  Jessie Cheng, & Saisha Singh

ElectionsMaryum Haidari, Maya Lu, & Vicky Kang

Fundraising - Arnav Kamra & Shanna Le -

Go Green - Bianca Wu, Mariam Mustafa, & Roshni Srivastava -

Historian - Akash Mohole -

Internal Organizations Commission (IOC)Alvina Wu, & Kareena Wu -

LINK CommissionersMichelle Tran & Tara Lao -

OutreachAngela Xuan & Catherine Cheng

Rally - Andrew Yamasaki & Lauren Sage

Service LearningAndey Ng & Sherin Lajevardi

Spirit - Caitlyn Hum, Derick Nguyen, & Shreyas Prasanna -

Visualizations TeamKenneth Nguyen, Jamison Peterson, Josh Dye, Meghan Wu, & Raymond Pai -