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Students In Action is a new program at Irvington High School designed to measure and celebrate the community service being done by students on our campus. With the program we will recognize individual students and the school as a whole. The goal is to have Irvington High School nationally recognized as a Jefferson Award Gold Banner School.  Learn how you can participate below.



We want to recognizing students on our campus who are doing amazing service. More importantly we want to hear their story! Once a month we will honor a student on campus for their community service contributions. Students will again be recognized at an awards ceremony later in the year.

Do you know someone who did an amazing service project. Tell their story to and they may win an amazing award. 


Every service project done by Irvington High School counts. Make sure you share the following information with our clubs commissioner so we can count you service towards our schools total.

  • We need to know how many students and how many hours.
  • We need photo evidence of your project
  • We need to know the outcomes of your project. Specifically how much did you raise/collect or what did you achieve?
  • We need a general timeline ofyour project. When did you start/end.



february Jefferson Award Winners!

On December 1, 2017, IHS Resonance partnered with IHS VAMS and MSJ Vams to host their yearly benefit concert. Students from around the district come to perform at Irvington High School, playing various instruments and singing. The Students in Action team has awarded Rachel Guo and Claire Cheng, IHS Resonance’s presidents, the first-ever SIA Jefferson Award for excellence in youth leadership in public service. They helped raise $2,200 for the Kefi Foundation for Hurricane Maria Relief.

About Resonance: 

Resonance started 7 or 8 years ago with the goal of having a yearly large-scale benefit concert. Each year, they pair up with other schools around Fremont to raise money through ticket sales for a chosen cause. It benefits both the student performers by giving them a chance to perform on stage in a professional environment while also giving back to the community.

Choosing the Cause:

Each year, the president hosts an officer meeting to brainstorm ideas for the focus of the benefit concert. First, they decide what direction they would like to go in, whether it is benefiting a natural disaster, cancer research, or music education. This year, they chose Puerto Rico because it was a current, prevalent issue that Rachel and Claire did not believe received enough support. Rachel and Guo was inspired by their government teacher, who discussed with them how Puerto Rico didn’t receive the same aid and relief as Hurricane Harvey and other United States natural disasters.

Surpassing Past Performances:

This year, the club was able to surpass it’s previous records and raised an astonishing $2,200 (compared to previous years which raised $1,000). They contribute their success to the increased involvement of other schools. In the past, Mission San Jose played a small role in the performance. However, this year, the Mission San Jose band and teachers played a bigger role by helping publicize auditions and the performance at their school. The wider reach allowed them to attract more attendants to the performance and increased ticket sales.

Future Goals:

In the future, they hope to sing and perform at the Aegis Senior Center regularly and expand to more small-scale events. They hope to host more courtyard concerts and a spring benefit concert with Lynbrook High School. Please check out their website to learn more about how you can help their cause!

Their Advice for Aspiring Service Leaders:

Starting a service project is going to take a lot of work, but do not be discouraged. In the beginning, you might not get the results you want, but it will become more successful with time. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help and reach out to people. Be shameless in publicizing for your event and really go for what you want.

Dil Se 2017

On January 20th, Irvington’s Indopak Club held their 9th annual cultural show Dil Se which means “From the Heart”. This vibrant show consists of aspects of Indian culture such as the various dance forms, music, and clothing. A unique characteristic of Dil Se is the mashups of Indian Bollywood and folk songs with modern pop songs. With over 10 schools from the Bay Area participating and 2 sold out shows, Indopak donated $2000 to Project Rishi, a non-project organization dedicated to promoting development and growth in rural Indian communities.

IrvingThon 2017

IrvingThon was started by Corinne H. in 2017 to raise money for childhood cancer. Corinne got the idea from a similar event her siblings did while they were in high school. During IrvingThon, members of community perform activities and play games. This event has raised $900 and collected around 100 toys for children with cancer to be distributed during Holiday Season. Corinne is also organizing smaller events such as a coin drive starting in mid-February. This event has brought community members together and raised money for a worthy cause. One student can make a huge difference and since her first day at Irvington High School she has been spending a majority of her free time to help fight childhood cancer.


Friday 12/15 was Irvington Annual Resonance! Benefit Concert. This years concert raised money to benefit the island of Puerto Rico recently devastated by a hurricane that left most of the island without power. This years concert featured musicians and singers from IHS Resonance and Vams Clubs in addition to MSJ Vams Clubs preforming both festive songs and classical numbers. Resonance! was able to raise $2,200 all of which will be donated. If you missed this years concert make sure to mark your calendar for next December.

Blood Drive

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On Friday December 1st Irvington High School hosted our first of two blood drives. We were amazed to have over 120 people sign up to donate blood and more then a dozen students sign up to be runners, man the check in station and the recovery canteen. Our goal for this blood drive was to collect 60 units of blood for the Stanford Blood Center. At the end of the day we collected 68 units of blood! Thank you to everyone who helped and to the members of ASB who came to school at 6:45 to set up and stayed till 4:00 to clean up.


Often times we feel that task of making the world a better place is to big a goal to be accomplished. The key is not to get stuck thinking the change you can create must be a big radical change to be meaningful. Sometimes the smallest things we do can have profound impacts on the people around us. Making a difference starts small and over time these small changes add up to create larger and larger changes. Looking for inspiration? Check out Drew Dudley's TED talk "Everyday Leadership".




Irvington's students are in action!
Irvington High School held their second annual LGBTQ Tie Dye event on November 9th. Students of all backgrounds came out to the event to tie dye white crews. At this years event we raised $150 that was then donated to the Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa Country, a center that promotes the wellbeing of the LGBTQ community. In addition next week when we wear our Tie Dye shirts we will show that Irvington supports all students on campus. Thank You to the Irvington GSA club for their help in making this event successful. 



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Welcome to our new students in action blog. We are here to share the stories of the many service projects happening on campus. We would love to share the story of your service project too! If you have a story to share please send it to and don't forget to include pictures!