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In order to participate in Irvington Physical Education courses a uniform (PE shirt and shorts) and IHS issued PE lock are required. Students can be provided a uniform and lock that must be returned at the end of the school year. Students are encouraged to purchase their own new uniform and lock.


Required- (special circumstances considered on an individual basis) 

  • Shoes: tennis shoes- rubber soles (NO boots, slippers or sandals)
  • Socks must be worn
  • T-shirts and shorts: Irvington issued uniform or Horner Jr High uniform with your first and last name is acceptable
  • NO head gear/ hats
  • NO sunglasses


Optional- Students are allowed to wear sweats as long as they meet the criteria below

  • Cotton sweat material only
  • Sweat tops: Must be gray color or an Irvington issued sweat top (school colors)
  • Sweat bottoms: Must be gray color or Irvington sweat pants, no exceptions
  • NO jackets, long sleeved T’s, or windbreakers

PE Items for Sale

  • PE Combo: PE Lock, Shorts , and Short Sleeve Shirt.
  • PE Shorts
  • PE Short Sleeve Shirt
  • PE Long Sleeve Shirt
  • PE Lock
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