Welcome to Irvington High School's Service Learning page! We are using a new method for inputting service learning hours this year. All Irvington High School students are required to make an account at: http://servicekarma.com/. All 9th graders just create an account; 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students please see Mr. Lewis in Room 212 for assistance.


No positive act or role is insignificant. So go today, face the world with your head up, open your heart, and serve the world like none other. The power of one is the power to do something. Anything.  


We now have a new system for inputting hours. The new website is located at ServiceKarma.


New Criteria for Service Learning have been established by the district. Check here before turning in your verification forms!

  • Only non-profit organizations qualify.

  • Student organized programs must have a state issue non-profit number and be able to show the programming through supported documentation.

  • No religious work or work that promotes a religious organization.

  • If you support a school activity that you are not a part of and can be confirmed by a school staff member, this will count.

  • Senior citizen home outreach that has a direct interaction with the seniors will count .

  • International service will only be accepted through an American-based organization that can be validated. 

  • Parents may only sign off on a form if they are an officer of the nonprofit organization.

  • Adults must sign off on all forms.

  • Club hours must be signed off by the club advisor or supervising adult.

  • Fundraising for an event where the money comes back to your club does not count for hours.

  • Double dipping of hours generated for court mandated hours are not eligible for high school hours.

  • Any hours required for ICARE (Adult School elective) do not towards the 40 hour requirement.

  • Hours that may have been accepted in the past that do not adhere to current guidelines will not be accepted.

  • Students are required to keep a copy of all forms and hours submitted over their 4 years and are responsible to prove all hours in question.