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The Saga, Vol.58

Yearbooks are now $95! Purchase them in the Viking Vendor before prices go up at distribution.


PROJECT Y: Yearbook early distribution party

Want to avoid the lines at distribution? Want to get free food and sign yearbooks with your friends? Come to our early distribution party, held one day before normal distribution (6/5)! Don’t forget to bring your ID card! (you can also write your name/ID# on a slip of paper)

When: June 4th, 2019, 3:30-5PM

Where: Cafeteria

Cost: $5 per ticket, 3 for $12 (purchase from a yearbook student or at the door)


Welcome to Irvington yearbook! Our book name is The Saga and we are a quirky class that strives to encapsulate the best and most interesting parts of the year. We aim to take as many pictures of you and your friends as possible, and get the best coverage of this year packaged in student designs, easing the work of reading once school ends.

Books can be bought ALL year long THROUGH THE VIKING VENDOR. however, prices will steadily increase, so get it soon! 


Dedications are now closed for 2019.


The window for taking your senior portrait so it can be in the yearbook has closed. 


Like us? Don't like us? Anything you did or didn't appreciate in the book or the way we operate is useful feedback for our growth. The goal of every year is to outdo the last, so please tell us what is or isn't working! Critiques can range from design choices, specific textual references, or our behavior in school. Email us with the subject line written as '[Feedback]'. Thank you!


The SAGA yearbook class is composed of 23 vikings from all grade levels. You can stop any one of us any time to ask questions or to comment! Our class is during 5th period in the Mac lab, room 84, under the instruction of our director, Mr. Stilwell and our editor-in-chief, Ryan Lee.                                                                              




We are a student run organization whose goal is to capture the year in a way that is enjoyable for the entire student body and staff. Written text published represents the opinion of the writer and students referenced in quotations, but not necessarily that of The Saga, the administration or faculty of Irvington High School, or any person affiliated with the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD). The Saga does not discriminate against race, political orientation, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Although we will never refuse to publish student guest submission based on the aforementioned factors, we reserve the right to edit or not publish them.