How do I make an appointment with my counselor? 

Making an appointment is easy! Students are encouraged to come to their counselor's office to fill out an appointment-request slip and turn it into their box. Students will then be called in by their counselor within the following day or two. Appointment requests can also be made over e-mail - please allow two school days for a response. For urgent issues, students are encouraged to meet their counselor during lunch or after-school.

*Counselors are un-able to accommodate walk-in appointments for parents 

*Students are assigned to a counselor by the student's last name

A-Do - Leticia Velazco - 46477 - 

Dr-Kr - Wendi Bennett - 46407 - 

Ku-Ng - Natalie Mintey - 46464 -

Nh-So - Leilani Velasquez - 46491 -

Sp-Z - Veronica Serrano - 46484 -

What are graduation requirements for Irvington? to apply to uc colleges?

Refer to the following link for information on credit requirements needed to graduate from Irvington and apply to University of California colleges:

Is my outside world language approved for FUSD language credits? 

Maybe. Click on the button for a list of FUSD-approved language centers.

How many years of World language will "count" for college admissions? do i need actual seat time? 

Colleges judge language credits by the highest level of a world language taken, not the actual number of years spent doing a language. If a student took two years of language in junior high, and then a third year of language during high-school, they would receive 3 years of language credits. A student also could take a higher level without completing lower levels and earn the highest level by completing the course, as long as s/he earned a “C” or above.

I'm a band student. does that count for Physical Education credits? 

Students who participate in band for all four years of high-school will have fulfilled their two-year requirement for PE. 

Each semester of Marching Band, along with the full year of band during the school year, waives 5 units of PE credit. Therefore, all four years of the band program are required to waive the entire 20 unit PE requirement. If, for example, students drop out of band during any particular year, then those students must pay the balance of PE Credits. If students are upperclassmen (juniors/seniors), they are required to enroll in a freshman/sophomore PE class to fulfill any outstanding PE credits that resulted from dropping the band program. 

One year of band= 5 units

Two years of band = 10 units

Three years of band = 15 units

Four years of band = 20 units

Where can I find information on available Job/Internship opportunities? 

Students looking for additional information on available work opportunities can obtain it from the College and Career Center, located on the backside of the Irvington library. The College and Career Center is where students can come and explore college, ROP, scholarship/financial aid, employment/volunteer opportunities, among other things. In addition, 40 computers with Internet access are provided for student use. Work Permits are applied for and processed through the College and Career Center. 

Do Irvington counselors offer Parent information sessions? 

Yes! Counselors and our College/Career Specialist will be offering Graduation/College Information Sessions on the following dates in the cafeteria from 8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.  These sessions are a forum for parents to ask questions and learn more about graduation, college admissions, and post-secondary options. 
Information Session Dates:  

Thursday September 22, 2016: For parents of 12th graders (later workshops will be open to parents of all grade levels). Information on graduation requirements and college applications. 

Thursday December 8, 2016: For parents of 9th-11th graders. Information on graduation requirements, college admission requirements, Q & A session

Thursday February 16, 2017: For parents of current 9th-11th graders. Have your questions pertaining to registration answered! 

Thursday May 11, 2017: (last info session for the year) For parents of 9th-11th graders. Summer opportunities, Q & A session