First Round Elections are up this week! We will be voting for the 2018-2019 ASG President, ASG Vice President, and Rally Commissioner. 


Three years serving in Irvington’s student government have taught me a great deal about the ins and outs of ASG and IHS as a whole. I aim to continue building on the initiatives we’ve begun this year, make improvements where needed, and fix issues where necessary.
My goals for the upcoming year are centered around student advocacy & representation, clubs system restructuring, and internal ASG class structure improvements.
I’d love for you to check out my campaign details and platform at
I have one year left at Irvington and I plan on using this year to serve our campus and student body to the fullest extent. Thank you for your time!


HI IRVINGTON My name is Varun Vijay and I’m happy to announce that I am running to be your 2018-2019 ASB Vice President.

Through my 3 years at Irvington, I have witnessed that, although this school has character and a unique atmosphere that I have grown to adore, it is not perfect. The stressful nature and overall negative outlook many people have of our school need to be addressed.

As VP, I plan on approaching this by bridging the gap between students, administration and ASG because as we begin to communicate more, the issues that YOU have can be addressed. As the following 2 weeks progress, I hope to speak to as many of you as possible regarding the changes you would like to see at Irvington, because at the end of the day it is your voice that needs to be heard.

Embrace the change I plan on bringing to Irvington.


Hello Vikings!

After three years of seeing ASG evolve through different objectives and leadership styles, I am ecstatic and humbled to be a candidate for 2018-2019’s ASG Vice President!

Irvington is undoubtedly a unique school comprised of diverse individuals and student groups, each with their own needs. As an Associated Student Government, it is our responsibility to represent the student voice and serve as a liaison between the students, staff, administration, and the community. My three goals (advocacy, representation, community) aim to provide a supportive and equitable environment on campus in hopes of creating a meaningful and enjoyable high school experience for all individuals.

For a more extensive look at my entire campaign, please visit and share TINYURL.COM/FAYE4VP

Thank you in advance for allowing me the opportunity to share my ideas and passion for the school! If you would like to support my campaign, the most I ask of you is to be engaged in this entire elections process and challenge the status quo; don’t hesitate to address any concerns, questions, or ideas throughout the next two weeks.


Hello my name is Jared Lao, I would love to be your 2018-2019 rally commissioner. I am known as a very outgoing person, spirited, welcoming and friendly and many more. I can promise that I will be willing to contribute my time and full effort to make all future rallies the best that I can. I would love to hear everyone’s ideas and opinions about the rallies for future guidance so that I can be capable of making it enjoyable for everyone. If you vote for me, I will assure everyone that the future rallies will be full of school spirit and amusing. #JLAO4RC





Hello Irvington, my name is Haider Malik and Im running to be your next rally commissioner. At Irvington I’ve always looked to rallies as a way to take a break from the same routine every day, and just chill, have fun, and get hyped. I want to step up and become rally commissioner in order to make sure that everyone else at Irvington, all 2000 of you, have this same opportunity. I will grind tirelessly to make sure that we see the best talent from Irvington on display. The bottom line is that with me as your rally commissioner, you’ll witness the best rallies of all time. I can’t say much more than just wait and watch what I have to offer. Thank you.


Hello my Irvington peers. I am Nick Wilson and I want to be your Rally Commissioner for the 2018-2019 school year. Ever since my first year at Irvington I have loved the rallies and always looked forward to them, and I am sure some of you also feel this way. Rallies are a good way to finish spirit weeks as all of the classes come together in one room to have fun. And that is exactly what I want to provide for you all next year. Now yes, every rally commissioner candidate says they plan on making rallies more fun. But what I believe sets me apart is that I have a passion for making others happy. Whether it is me saying something to make the person happy or me just doing something dumb that’s hilarious. A coach once told me, “there are 2 types of people, energy suckers and energy sparks. Energy suckers are the people who contribute nothing to a meeting or conversation or even suck the energy out of it. Energy sparks are people who find a way to make others more energetic after they leave.” Since the day I heard that, I have always tried to live by that and that is why I believe I am the best option to be your Rally Commissioner. I will be determined to make rallies a better experience for every single student at Irvington. So if you would like this to happen, then vote for me, Nick Wilson, as next years Rally Commissioner. If not, then enjoy a cute pic of my dog