What is a Club?

A Club is an extra curricular group where students can share a common interest. Because of this students cannot receive class credit for any club event or activity. To be a club you must have: 

  • Have a certified staff member to serve as the club advisor.

  • Have filled out a club registration form. 

  • Be approved to operate by the site principal and student government (ASG).

  • Have a club constitution and budget on file in the student account office.

  • Be in compliance with all club rules.

  • Have an ICC Agreement Form

Inter-club Council

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is a committee comprised of club presidents from each officially approved club. The ICC contributes to the decision regarding the approval or denial of an Irvington campus club. The ICC meets monthly to discuss current club affairs, review applications, and plan upcoming club events. 

Negative Accounts

ASB accounts are generally not allowed to go negative without the express permission of the Activity Director. Accounts close to a zero balance will be frozen from spending money until sufficient funds are raised by the club. Good budget planning will help prevent your account from going negative.

We recommend looking at and updating your club budget once a quarter to ensure your club has proper funds to fund your events. 


All money spent by a club must have prior approval. Prior approval constitutes:

1) purchase approved at a club meeting.

2) Request to Spend Money Form submitted to ASG. (This form will be placed in your advisors box when approved)

Once these two steps are done you are free to purchase items in the name of your club. Once the purchase is made you can submit the original receipt attached to an authorization to pay form and submit it to the accounts office.

Once submitted checks will take about a week to process. Make sure your receipt includes only the items being reimbursed, if there are any other items on your receipt you will not be reimbursed. Reimbursements not pre-approved will not be reimbursed. When possible try to pay a company directly and not have a student/parent reimbursed.

Meeting Minutes

Club minutes are an official document detailing what happened at your club meeting. Minutes must be kept by the club for all meetings and can be inspected by an auditor at any time. Generally it is the secretary’s responsibility to maintain the clubs minutes. Remember to send a copy of your minutes to your club advisor.

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a document that promises to pay a company for services rendered. Sometimes a company which we routinely purchase from will allow us to have an open PO that makes purchasing easier. Have your advisor see the account clerk to see if an open PO will work for your situation. Your advisor can help set up a purchase order for items.


How do you start a club?

1. Complete the club registration forms thoroughly. Club registration forms will include your club constitution. 

2. Find a certified staff member to serve as your club advisor. 

3. Submit your completed forms to the Clubs Box in the cafeteria outside the SU.

4. Email a digital copy of your club registration forms to clubs@ihsvikings.org without any signatures. 

5. Wait to hear back about your club's status on the second week of every month through email. Your application will be reviewed and approved/denied at each ICC meeting, and it will need a 2/3 majority vote to be approved .

Inactive Clubs

An account that has had no money deposited or spent for one school year will be declared inactive by the student governemnt.  Once a club account is declared inactive by the student government any remaining monies in the account will be transferred to the ASB General Account to be spent for the benefit of all students on campus. 

Requirements to Fundraise and Spend Money

Before your club will be allowed to spend money or fundraise your club must have a club account in the system. Money spent must be spent for the benefit of students on campus. Money collected in a year should be spent in the same year.

Large carry overs from year to year are strongly discouraged and you will be asked to submit a form at the end of the year if your group is carrying over a large amount.


An invoice is a bill given from one business to another. When a company gives you an invoice it is always best to pay the company directly and not do a reimbursement. To do this get your purchased pre-approved. Then attach the invoice to the Authorization to Pay Form. A check will then be issued to the company for the requested amount. This is the preferred method to pay for items.

Club Advertisements

Clubs can advertise for club meetings at any time. Only events that have been approved by ASG with a master calendar can be advertised. Advertisements should always include the club sponsoring the event, the time and location of the event and any cost to participate in the event. In addition to posters your event should be published in the school bulletin.

When you submit an event for approval your event is placed into 5-Star. Consider checking students in at your event. This way students can earn discounts for attending your event and having good attendance record will help your club be renewed. 

Only painters tape may be used to post posters on campus. Posters may never be posted on floors, ceilings, doors, windows, lockers, or murals. Please note is club supplies are stolen or misused they will not be replaced. Please take care of the club supplies.

Posters should be taken down within 24 hours of the event happening. Clubs that leave posters up around campus will be warned and repeat offenders will face consequences.

Get your event approved early so your club can begin advertising early.

Spending Money

Spending MOney.png

No Commingling

When you purchase an item for an ASB group (club) the only items on the receipt must be for the group. If any other item appears on the receipt you will not be allowed to get your receipt reimbursed. There are no exceptions to this rule.


I am buying pizza for a club meeting. While buying the pizza I decided I want to buy a cookie for myself. If both of these items are now on the same receipt you will not be allowed to be reimbursed for this expense. 

No Donating

Your groups money when turned into the accounts office is put into the schools ASB Bank Account. This account is considered by the state of California to be public funds. Giving public funds to an individual or nonprofit group is illegal and considered a gift of public funds. Because of these laws your group can never donate money from their account to a nonprofit group. Even if it is for a good cause. 

Prohibited Expenses

The following items your club can never purchase with ASB Money:

  • Gift Cards or Cash Awards

  • Items that do not directly benefit the student body

  • Donations to nonprofits

  • Items or materials that the district is required to provide

  • Salaries of district personnel

  • Technology purchases over $500 must be approved by the District Technology Department

  • Gifts to individual students

  • Items for the club advisor to use for a class



Collecting Donations

This includes collecting money for a field trip or donation requests sent to club members. Give specific dates on when money will be collected. On a roster record which students donated money, how much money they donated and when. This should match the amount of money being turned in.

If your group is collecting donations for a field trip or another event this counts as a fundraiser. All fundraiser rules must be followed including a fundraiser form, revenue potential form and money control verification.

At the end of your fundraiser two students must always count the money with the advisor and check to make sure all money is accounted for. Money, Revenue Potential Forms (Fundraiser Forms), and Money Controls Verification must be turned into the Accounting Office within 24 hours of the collection.

When collecting money for a non-profit donation make sure the money goes directly to the non-profit group. A sign should be posted with the nonprofits name stating all proceeds will go to this cause. Checks should be made directly to the nonprofit. It is recommend that your advisor take any cash collected to a bank and send a cashiers check to the nonprofit.

Definition of a Fundraiser

A fundraiser is any event where money is being collected and deposited into your groups ASB account.

Money Controls

When selling there should always be at least two students or parent volunteers present. The money should be kept in a locking cashbox at all times.

Selling Tickets

When you sell tickets you must use pre-numbered tickets. Tickets must be treated as cash and locked up when not being sold. The starting number of the tickets must be recored and the ending number of the ticket must be recorded. If club members are selling tickets record which tickets each club member is given and which tickets are returned to the club on a roster. Count the money collect vs the number of tickets sold. These numbers should match up. You need a separate roll of tickets for each price of ticket you sell.

Snack Bar/Selling Merchandise

Before selling take an inventory of the items you have for sale. At the end of the sale take another count of the inventory. The items sold should match the money collected. 


Fundraisers Not Allowed

The following fundraisers are not allowed under FUSD Policy:

  • Games of chance including but not limited to door prizes, raffles, 50-50 auctions.

  • Door to Door Sales

  • Car Washes

  • Selling Food During School Hours

  • Fundraisers with a high risk of injury

  • Renting of District Property

Food Fundraisers

Food cannot be sold before school and during the school day. There are four exception days that will be picked by the ASG where food can be sold. Your student government will let you know when these food days are and which clubs will be allowed to sell food.  All food sold must meet the healthy food guidelines on these days.




Having A Club Event


It is a good practice to debrief events after they happen. What worked for the event, what did not work? Leave these notes as well as information on the steps you used to create the event in a place for next years officers to find.

What Forms Do I Need

Please note that forms can take 24-hours for the Site Principals Signature. All master calendars require this signature before they can be approved. Please plan ahead. 

Master Calendar

This is the main request form to have an event on campus. All events that are not club meetings are required to have a master calendar filled out and submitted to ASG. No publicly for an event can happen until your master calendar is filled out and approved by ASG. ASG will not approve master calendars if the event is the following week. So plan in advance. 

Master calendar forms also need to be filled out if your event is collecting money or fundraising. This form is sometimes referred to as a revenue potential form.

Money Deposit Form

Once your fundraiser has been completed, your club must submit a Money Deposit Form in an envelop with your club name on it with all of the money inside. Please submit your entire revenue from the event; ASG will sort out your profit into your club account.

Facility Request

Fill out this form in addition to the master calendar if your event requires the use of a school space. This form can take awhile because you will need to following signatures in order:

  1. Teacher Signature for the space you are using. (Valhalla = Ballin)

  2. Club Advisors Signature

  3. Activity Directors Signature (Mr. Willer)

  4. Facilities Manager Signature (Ms. Gill)

When all four signatures are completed the form should be turned in to the clubs box.

Service Learning form

This form currently does not exist but will soon exist. Please stay soon and check out the Students In Action Page for more info.

Causes For Strikes

1. Carrying out an event without Master Calendar approval

2. Failure to turn in event forms prior two weeks of event

3. Failure to have a club representative throughout the entirety of an ICC meeting (without 24 hour prior notice)

Strike “Killers”

If a club receives strikes and wishes to relieve them, there is a method of doing so:

Club Collaboration: Two or more clubs plan and execute a joint event. Some clubs already have annual collaborations, these will not count. The collaboration event will not count towards the club’s two events per year quota.

3 Strikes Policy

First Rule Violation - Clubs will receive an written warning.

Second Rule Violation - Club officers will have an in-person meeting and reflection on mistakes to ensure a clear understanding of club procedures. A club will schedule a meeting with ASG to review policies and prevent future mishaps.

Third Rule Violation -  Club will be terminated for the remainder of the school year. Club may reapply the next school year after a one semester cooling off period.