Class Officers

Meet your Class Officers for 2018-19!

Senior Class Officers (co 2019)

Hello! My name is Michelle Tran and for the 2018-2019 school year I will be serving as one of two senior class officers. I think high school is such a unique experience and is meant to be cherished--- sometimes it feels like just a day ago when I was a freshman walking through the doors of Irvington for the first time. I realized my junior year that I wanted to take a part in creating an inviting environment where people can have fun, relax, and fully enjoy their high school experience. This year I'm looking forward to lead my class in the final stretch of this chapter of our lives. I plan to help create and organize events for my senior class that people will look back on, and reminisce of their days in high school :)

Please email me with any suggestions or questions about Senior Class Council.

Junior Class Officers (co 2020)


Hello, my name is Raisah Khan! The main reason that I got involved in ASG and leadership was the fulfill my desire to help others. I felt that the best way to aid my peers was ensure that their high school experience became memorable. As a Junior Class Officer, I will be guiding class council through the next year, working to unify the Class of 2020, spread passion about the school and its activities, and raise LOTS of funds. This year, I'm especially excited to work on our homecoming decorations for Candyland, and I'm very hyped to plan Junior Prom. :) My main wish is that people at our school will feel safe and included when they arrive at Irvington every morning.

My name is Rishabh Chowhan and I am a Junior Class Officer for 2018-2019. As a class officer for the Class of 2020, along with Raisah Khan, my job is to serve as a liaison between ASG and the junior class. This includes putting together and managing a class council to organize fundraisers, homecoming week (bench and class dances), spirit weeks, etc. My motivation to run for Class Officer came from the two years I spent in class council. The lack of motivation and spirit in our class council itself made me realize how our class, as a whole, was uninvolved. So I ran to make some sort of change. I originally joined ASG with one goal, which was to elevate the spirit and unity that our class has in order to win during spirit week, but now as a part of student government I have several ideas for school spirit and student engagement. I'm super energetic and outgoing, and I plan on using 110% of my energy for our class. If you see me in the hallways, I'll probably say hi, so feel free to talk to me or ask any questions, I don't bite. I ALSO LOVE PINEAPPLES!

Sophomore Class Officers (co2021)

Soph co.JPG

Hello! My name is Ethan Chen and it's a huge honor and pleasure to serve as one of two CO 2021 Sophomore Class Officers in 2018 – 2019. Since elementary school I’ve been fortunate to earn the trust of my peers to serve in student government, most recently as the Freshman Class Officer. As I continue to serve in this capability, I will wear many “hats”. I will be a business manager who initiates projects, prioritizes them, and executes flawlessly. I will work like a marketing/PR agency to engage our peers and boost school spirit. I will be a finance manager who creates and optimizes fundraisers to raise money for our class and the entire student body. When issues arise, I will be a policymaker who seeks to understand people's concerns then work on finding the best solutions. At the end of the day, I will be a custodian who stays behind to tidy things up and get our campus ready for the next activity. In our Sophomore year, I aim to solidify connections among ourselves. I have always believed that stronger connections brings the sense of belonging, and I am proud to say CO 2021 is an amicable and cohesive group of cool kids who support each other and genuinely want to do good for our class and for the school. As a Class Officer, my goal is to enrich the environment where we are all making life-long friends and cultivating the sense of community. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns about the school, our class, or any ASG activities, please do not hesitate to reach us. We are at If you're reading this and we are not yet friends on Facebook, please reach out so we can connect! See you around the campus!

Hey! My name is Audrey Lee and I am one of the two sophomore class officers for the year 2018-2019. As a sophomore class officer, one of the most important jobs I have is overseeing all things related to homecoming week. We work with our class council to design and build our homecoming decorations throughout the summer, make a class dance mix, come up with spirit days related to our theme, Irvington's Got Game!, and many more! As the school year starts, our class council dissolves into commissions and we host meetings to plan fundraisers to support our class and bondings for our class to come together! I am so grateful to have this position with my co, Ethan, and hope we can all come together and create an ama21ng school year for our class! If you have any questions about this school year, or even want a suggestion for boba, feel free to shoot me a message on my social media!

Freshmen Class Officers (co 2022)


Hey Irvington Vikings! My name is Nosheen Ullah and I am a part of ASG 2018-2019 as one of the Freshmen class officers. I got involved with leadership around the beginning of elementary school and have been doing it ever since. It’s one of my passions and something I absolutely love doing because it challenges me to go out of my comfort zone and has taught me so much. As a freshmen class officer, I work with my co and class council to plan and execute spirit days/ fundraisers (etc.) for the freshmen class. These events bring us closer together while we are still trying to adjust to our first year of high school. I’m looking forward to making strong connections with people who enjoy leadership as much as I do and improving my leadership skills as much as possible through ASG this year!

Hey everyone! My name is Zayaan Khan, one of your two Freshman Class Officers for the 2018-2019 school year. I have a family of seven, and some of my hobbies include playing any sport imaginable and playing chess. I grasped the first leadership opportunity ever available to me back in fourth grade, and since then, I never lost interest for leadership. I've always enjoyed helping, guiding, and leading others as it is something that I'm extremely passionate about and I love to do. As a Class Officer, it is my job to serve the Freshman Class of 2022 consistently throughout the year by organizing events and fun activities and to help the Freshman Class Council to grow more as leaders. I hope to win first place in Homecoming Spirit Week which is especially difficult as a Freshman. Another goal I have is to help shape some of my peers into stronger leaders and to assist them sharpen their skills in various areas. I look forward to impact the entire school constantly throughout the year, meet new people from all classes, and finally, enjoy my first year of highschool!