Class Officers

Meet your Class Officers for 2019-20!

Senior Class Officers (co 2020)


Hello! My name is Vedant Bhatter and I am serving as one of the senior class officer for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. As class officer my main job is to serve as a liaison between the senior class and ASG. This comes through heading class council , alongside Arya Krishnan, which allows us to create great events not only for our class and our school as well. The reason I chose to join ASG and even run for this position was that I wanted to bring change and bring an outsider's perspective. I was once someone who didn't like to participate in events and was always very shy, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and it completely changed who I became. I wanted to do the same thing and allow other people to experience the same change I underwent especially for our last year of high school. I am super excited for leading homecoming week, especially with our theme, The Simpsons, and coming up with new and creative spirit weeks, and senior ball. I want to use my resources to create the most memorable senior year ever and allow 2020 to leave their legacy on Irvington High School. Please if you ever see me in the hallways don't be afraid to say high, I might look scary or tired but I promise I'll always say hi back. I can't wait for an amazing year! :)

Hi everyone, I'm Arya, one of the Senior Class Officers! I want to make sure your senior year is one you'll remember for the rest of your life. I want to work to plan a slew of bonding events, so there's always something to look forward to. I just want to be able to give back to you guys because of all the things you've done for me. Let's prove to everyone that the Class of 2020 is the best class and have fun while we're doing it. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please email me at!

Junior Class Officers (co 2021)


hello! my name is Audrey Lee and I am one of your junior class officers for 2019-2020! as JCOS, we are in charge of all things related to homecoming-benchbuilding, class dance, and spirit- and JUNIOR PROM! My co, Krithik, and I are also in charge of class council, a group of juniors who help us create ama21ng events and fundraisers. I hope to create an unforgettable year for our class by holding fun events for people to come and have fun with their friends, as junior year has an infamous reputation for being extremely stressful. if you have any questions or concerns about this junior year, or need a good recommendation for a new boba place to tryout, don't hesitate to ask!

Hey, my name is Krithik Varghese and I'm excited to be one of your Junior Class Officer this year! This is my third year in ASG and my second year of being a class officer. I cannot wait to use my experience and memories to help pull off one of the greatest upsets in Irvington history. I am super excited to be able to help plan Homecoming week, as well as getting an opportunity to help plan prom this upcoming year. I love hearing your ideas and suggestions so feel free to hit me up on social media anytime @kv_2412 or in person so we can have a conversation ;). Some random things I like milk tea (without the pearls), anything baked(besides brownies), and listening to music (check out my Spotify!). If you ever wanna talk about sports, I'm your guy, because I literally watch and track most of the sports in the world. Also if you wanna say something or suggest something about our class and are afraid to talk to me or Audrey, you can fill out this anonymous input form at Ty for reading all of this if you did, and if you didn't, well thank you too cuz you're cool too.

Sophomore Class Officers (co 2022)


Hello, my name is Nosheen Ullah and I am one of your Sophomore Class Officers for the 2019 - 2020 school year! I have been in leadership since elementary school and am super excited to take on this year to make our school better for the students. My job includes planning and executing everything related to homecoming spirit week for the class of 2022, including bench, class dance, class sleepover and class spirit days! Throughout the year, I also am in charge of running class council along with my co, where we plan class fundraisers, bondings and other class events. Other than that, I hope to accomplish creating fun flex events like cooking shows and challenges, increasing student and club involvement during spirit weeks and providing your input into rallies and other events. Here's to the start of another wonderful year at Irvington!

Hey! My name is Zayaan Khan, and I am Sophomore Class Officer. My job entails playing a key role in planning homecoming and leading the Class of 2022 in not only excelling in Homecoming Week, but also throughout the year. My co-class officer and I are in charge of planning and running bench so we can have mind-blowing decorations during homecoming week. It's our job to make sure that our class is satisfied and happy with their school experience and that they are having an amazing, spirited time throughout their Sophomore year. My personal goal for this year is to perform amazingly in hoco week and make sure that everyone enjoys this upcoming year until the very end. I can't wait for this year and all the wonderful things that are yet to come!

Freshman Class Officers (co 2023)


Hey everyone! My name is Kareena Gupta-Martinez and I'm one of your freshman class officers. My job, alongside Julianna, includes leading bench-building, planning spirit days for homecoming, coordinating the class dance, and hyping up spirit within our class. In addition to this, we plan class bondings, spirit days, and fundraisers. All of this would not be able to be accomplished without our class council. These awesome group of people consist of a bench commission, publicity, happiness committee, and more. I want to make sure everyone has the best freshman year experience by encouraging maximum participation in school spirit, football games, dances, etc. Although I just started high school myself, my advice to all freshmen is to get as involved as possible. Another one of my duties is to make sure the Class of 2023 page on Instagram is updated with everything going on at Irvington. Feel free to reach me anytime via the Instagram page, Facebook, or our email: Have a great year! Go Vikings :)

Hey Vikings! My name is Julianna Nepomuceno and I am one of your Freshman Class Officers. My job is to lead the freshmen in homecoming, fundraisers, spirit weeks and other school events. Being in ASG gives me the opportunity to represent the student's and have their voices heard. Leadership at Irvington is about bringing the student's together to have the best year possible. Outside of school I enjoy soccer, baking, and playing with my dog Maui :)