“We, the Associated Student Government, actively represent the opinions of the student body to the fullest extent of our ability. We accept the responsibility to be a service to the students and staff of Irvington High School. We commit ourselves to promote the ideals of the democratic process, school spirit, and campus unity. We encourage the involvement of students and staff in extracurricular activities; academic, athletic and artistic recognition; and school-wide traditions. We hold true to the values of servant leadership, integrity and diversity to better represent the student body. We cherish the concerns and questions of the student body and assure the ethical and consistent representation for all students in all forums to the fullest extent.” - ASG


“ASG Class of 2018-19”

Business Meetings


The ASG council meets every other Thursday to conduct a weekly business meeting. At these meetings we update the members of ASG with events that are in the planning process, vote to approve ASB expenditures, and vote to approve ASB events and fundraisers. 

ASB Public Forums

Public Forums are a time for students to have a conversation with ASG members about how past events could be improved, give suggestions for upcoming events, point out issues they see around campus, and more. We hold Public Forums once a month during advisory flex periods.


ASG stands for Associated Student Government and is the student council that is elected and appointed to serve students on campus. Irvington High School currently has 49 students serving in the student government.

The student run organization formerly known on campus as "ASB" has changed its name to align with the true definition of ASB- ASB stands for "the Associated Student Body," and by definition, every single Irvington student is apart of this associated student body. The Associated Student Government is the council made up of elected and appointed student representatives to serve the needs of the associated student body and the Irvington community. 

ASG Goals

Create Memories and Build Relationships 

Develop school pride and spirit

Create Opportunities
Provide students with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with one another



Campus & School Beautification Projects

  • Engaging students to participate in new mural design and painting processes

  • Planting more greenery across campus

  • Campus bathroom renovations

Student Appreciation Projects

  • Encouraging student attendance at sports events and Senior Nights

  • Encouraging attendance and involvement with IHS visual and performance arts programs

Service Events & Service Learning

  • Supporting student-led service projects through our Students In Action standing committee and interaction with the SIA Jefferson Awards program

  • Events: Canned food drive, WIP service event

Spirit & School Pride Events

  • Homecoming Spirit Week, Winter Week, Love Vikings Week, Multicultural Month

  • Rallies: Hello, Homecoming, Winter, Multicultural, Blacklight, End-of-Year

  • Dances: Homecoming, Winter Fest, Blacklight, Junior Prom, Senior Ball

  • Additional events: VikeNight, Clash of the Classes, LINK Activities

Stress Relief Events

  • Stress Free Week, Guest Speakers, Stress Ball Making

Student Advocacy

  • Collaborating with IHS administration on a regular basis to voice and discuss student issues and perspectives

Contact us

Executive Council 

President - Jasmine Tong-Seely - president@ihsvikings.org

Vice President - Faye Wang - vp@ihsvikings.org

Secretary - Vicky Kang - secretary@ihsvikings.org

Treasurer - Varun Vijay -  treasurer@ihsvikings.org

Clubs Director - Jessie Cheng -  jessie.cheng@ihsvikings.org

Internal Development Director- Jackie Ngo - jackie.ngo@ihsvikings.org

Public Relations Director - Beth Bridges - beth.bridges@ihsvikings.org

Students In Action Director-Saisha Singh - saisha.singh@ihsvikings.org

Visualizations Director - Meghan Wu - meghan.wu@ihsvikings.org

Class Officers

Senior Class Officers - Maansa Kavuri & Michelle Tran - seniors@ihsvikings.org

Junior Class Officers - Raisah Khan & Rishabh Chowhan -   

Sophomore Class Officers - Audrey Lee & Ethan Chen - sophomores@ihsvikings.org

Freshman Class Officers - Nosheen Ullah & Zayaan Khan - freshmen@ihsvikings.org

LINK + Rally Team + ASG Representatives

LINK Directors - Krithik Varghese & Nava Babaei -  LINK@ihsvikings.org

Rally Team - Jared Lao (Rally Commissioner) & Catherine Cheng (Rally Director) - rally@ihsvikings.org

ASG Representatives 

Aaron Lin - aaron.lin@ihsvikings.org

Aaryan Shah - aaryan.shah@ihsvikings.org

Afra Raza - afra.raza@ihsvikings.org

Angela Xuan - angela.xuan@ihsvikings.org

Anika Dixit - anika.dixit@ihsvikings.org

Arnav Kamra - arnav.kamra@ihsvikings.org

Aryan Sanan - aryan.sanan@ihsvikings.org

Colleen Li - colleen.li@ihsvikings.org

Jason Li - jason.li@ihsvikings.org

Jasraj Singh - jasraj.singh@ihsvikings.org

Jennie Zhou - jennie.zhou@ihsvikings.org

Kaitlyn Kodama - kaitlyn.kodama@ihsvikings.org

Kaitlyn Phan - kaitlyn.phan@ihsvikings.org

Linda Tran - linda.tran@ihsvikings.org

Mariam Mustafa - mariam.mustafa@ihsvikings.org

Max He - max.he@ihsvikings.org

Monica Pulido - monica.pulido@ihsvikings.org

Natraj Vairavan - natraj.vairavan@ihsvikings.org

Nicole Li - nicole.li@ihsvikings.org

Nicole Zhi - nicole.zhi@ihsvikings.org

Paula Punzalan - paula.punzalan@ihsvikings.org

Pranati Sadhu - pranati.sadhu@ihsvikings.org

Priyanka Gupta-Martinez - priyanka.guptamartinez@ihsvikings.org

Rohin Puvvada - rohin.puvvada@ihsvikings.org

Roshni Srivastava - roshni.srivastava@ihsvikings.org

Val Chen - val.chen@ihsvikings.org

Winston Wu - winston.wu@ihsvikings.org

Yohaan Birje - yohaan.birje@ihsvikings.org